Here’s To Us


Spring has arrived, and with it comes a significant number of important events for teachers.

Spring fever.


The end of the school year, which comes with report cards, packing up a classroom, and a flurry of end of year events.

There are also three dates in May and June that are interrelated to a teacher.

Teacher Appreciation Week.

Mother’s Day.

Father’s Day.

At first glance, they seem disconnected. One is for teachers, one is for moms, one is for dads.


Haven’t we all held all of those jobs at some point in the classroom?

I don’t know what your situation is like. Maybe you actually got acknowledged for Teacher Appreciation Week. (And if so, congrats!) Maybe you’re expecting flowers on Sunday or another tie next month. But no matter what, if you’re a teacher, you know that you’re not just a teacher. You know all of the hats you wear.

So here’s to you…

…for smiling on the inside when called “Mom” or “Dad” and rolling with it so as not to embarrass the child

…for being the only safe adult for some children

…for staying up late and getting up early (although hopefully not all the time)

…for making sure your kids–I mean, your students–have enough supplies, clean clothes to wear, and food to eat for the weekend

…for ditching the lesson plan for a teachable moment

…for remembering that you teach children, not widgets, not robots, but CHILDREN. (Or, um, teenagers for some of you. Whom I have been told are basically taller children)

…for knowing when to push, when to back off, when to hug, when to use the teacher voice, when to laugh, and when to pass the tissues.

You may or may not have someone buying you gifts for a Sunday in May or June. But to a child you have had or will have in your classroom, you are their parent.

So here’s to you. Here’s to us.



And so much more.


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