I am sitting in a room surrounded by the contents of all of those miscellaneous boxes, their contents beginning to spill out. The a/c is running but can’t keep up with the heat and humidity. I’m tired, sore, and my head is spinning. 

I’m sitting in my classroom. My new classroom. The room that is in a new building in a new grade level. The room that is mine for the next year. 

I got a job. 

After weeks–months–of dead ends and no responses, I am once again employed. When it finally happened it all came together very quickly. A fellow BAT connected me with a principal and a few days later I’ve interviewed, been offered the job, and gotten keys to my new home away from home. 

While I have hated how the last year has gone–the bullying, the toll on my physical and mental health, the up and mostly down nature of job hunting–I don’t want to forget it. I want to push the conversation forward in my meager corner of the Internet. I want to talk about teacher PTSD. Teacher evaluations and the bullying that exists. Teacher workplace conditions. 

But for now, I have more boxes to go through (or at the very least, hide in the corner.)

I have school in the morning. 


6 thoughts on “Tomorrow

  1. stubbornrainbow September 6, 2015 / 10:40 am

    So many people don’t understand just how hostile the schools are toward the teachers. I could never do it. I fight back too hard and my mouth would have gotten me fired MANY times. You have my utmost admiration and love. You do for America what the parents can’t. You get through to children. Thank you for your sacrifice.

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