Just Another Day



In between the meetings…

…and the paperwork…

…and the mandates…

…and the tests…

…there are the children. Loud, quiet, jumpy, wiggly, curious, (exasperating at times) children.

This was an ordinary day. No birthdays, no teeth falling out randomly in the middle of class, no fire drills or lockdown drills.

Writing this made me smile and realize why I am so tired. Oh.my.

Here’s what I will remember about this ordinary day…

V gave me two presents today–one of her crayons and the happy face she cut off of the packaging of her breakfast. I treated the red violet crayon and crinkly cellophane with the same reverence you would hold for the crown jewels.

B–bouncy, self-assured B–came in crying because she missed her mom. I had to explain to her that that did not qualify as a reason to send her home early.

F came back to school after being absent due to illness. F is developmentally behind his peers, so I had to remember to readjust and treat him accordingly. He was all hugs and smiles.

Reading block was interrupted by yours truly for an impromptu “this is how much paper towel we really need” lesson after seeing the kids use pieces of paper towel as big as they are.

Which then led to at least half the class interrupting me the rest of the day showing me their paper towel and seeking my thumbs up of approval. (I did kinda ask for it.)

We were later interrupted when someone kept singing in our bathroom. And singing. And singing. We tried to ignore it–well, I did–but eventually the giggles won out.

We had bananas for snack. They held them up to their ears like cell phones. All.the.way.through.the.building. (I accept the quirkiness, but sometimes I wish they could tone it down when others are watching. And then I try to remember they’re kids. And then I notice we’re being watched by someone.)

At recess I had to put on my conflict resolution hat. This one has no one to play with. That one is being mean to that other one. (Could they just play already?)

In math M was now talking, which is a good thing because she’s just learning English and is new to our class and just making friends. Except for the part where she talked over the lesson with a few other girls. English language 1, math 0.

The day ended with B all smiles. As she left to go to her bus I reminded her of this morning and how her day got so much better. She smiled and bounced away.

The day was over for them, but not for me.

This one needs a gifted referral form completed. Two more need a special education referral, complete with documentation. Another needs a speech referral.

F may or may not be moving. I’m keeping his things together on standby in case one day soon is his last day.

I’m still trying to figure things out in a new building and a new grade level. Still trying to figure out how to fit it all in. It’s a challenge every year, but it seems even harder this year.

I’m still waiting on my administrator to observe judge me. Will it be tomorrow?

And I have a meeting to get to.

It’s just another day, and tomorrow’s a new one.

Lather. Rinse. Repeat.


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