About Last Night…

It really happened.

Last night really happened.

I was literally shaking as the results kept coming in. As we hurtled towards a horrifying conclusion.

I’ve been very angry for almost 24 hours. In the last few hours it’s started to move towards bitter resignation. Of course the bully won. Of course we tell our children one thing and then reward the opposite behavior.

I have a lot of friends who are teachers. Here is a sampling of what they said about today:

  • The Muslim kids are worried that they’re going to be rounded up today and kicked out of the country.
  • A little boy asked how the man who says the bad words won.
  • Children of many ethnicities fear deportation and separation from their parents.
  • One teacher’s class was worried for each other but also for the teacher, because she is a woman.
  • In the hallway a group of white children formed a wall with their bodies and refused to allow immigrant kids to pass.
  • Obscenities and slurs everywhere.
  • A child wanted to jump in a nearby river and commit suicide.

Today I’m glad I’m not a teacher. To those who stepped into a classroom today and took care of your kids, thank you.



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