Odd One Out

Odd One Out

I had other plans of what to write. So naturally I procrastinated by going on social media instead.

One of the problems I’ve encountered with leaving the teaching profession Continue reading


2016: At Least It’s Almost Over


I closed out my last post of 2015 with this:

And 2016…please be better than 2015.

I don’t even have a response to that at this point. Between everything in the world at large (the U.S. election, Aleppo, Brexit, seemingly another celebrity death every day) and my own world (job loss, financial insecurity, family challenges, career change), 2016 has had a lot of horrible things in it.

Last year I did a huge year in review post. This year, I’m keeping it simple. Continue reading

Fa la la la la…I broke my badass resolutions


For being such a realist/pessimist, I sometimes surprise myself with my optimism.

Take last January, for example.

Almost exactly a year ago I wrote a post, which I admitted at the time was written with “wide-eyed optimism.” You can read it here if you’re interested. In it I listed my badass resolutions for 2016.



Yeah. That happened.


On the fairly optimistic side, I did follow through on some of the resolutions, and I’m proud of that. Continue reading