The Teachers’ Rite of Spring

teachers rite of spring


There is such optimism at the beginning of the year. No matter if it is a new calendar year or school year–either way, people convince themselves that things will be different this year. Continue reading


About Last Night…

It really happened.

Last night really happened.

I was literally shaking as the results kept coming in. As we hurtled towards a horrifying conclusion.

I’ve been very angry for almost 24 hours. In the last few hours it’s started to move towards bitter resignation. Of course the bully won. Of course we tell our children one thing and then reward the opposite behavior.

I have a lot of friends who are teachers. Here is a sampling of what they said about today: Continue reading



Sometimes your subconscious reveals things you hadn’t already put together.

About ten days ago there was a Twitter storm to stop workplace bullying. BATs participated to bring awareness to the issues teachers face when they are bullied. At first I thought I might come up with some one-liners to tweet out over the thirty minute Twitter storm.

And then I realized I had blog posts to share about this.

Turns out, Continue reading

This Is Why Tenure Matters


Being unemployed has allowed me the opportunity to reconnect with friends I haven’t heard from in months or even years. The non- or former teachers have more time to talk, so we’ve met for lunch or dinner or coffee. Those who are still teaching are a lot busier, so it’s been a lot of text messages or Facebook Messenger.

So late one night a few weeks ago I sent a quick message to a teacher friend, not expecting a reply until after school the next day. To my surprise Continue reading

47 Reasons I Can’t Find A Teaching Job


Summer is over, which means kids are back to school (and parents are rejoicing).

I’m still at home.

I’ve completed paperwork in several districts. I’ve applied for teaching positions. I’ve emailed principals and called them on the phone. I’ve reached out to friends who have suggested jobs and let me know of openings in their orbit.


I filed for unemployment the other day. I’m going to try to get a teaching job for another few weeks and then… Continue reading

If No One Sees You, Were You Ever Even There?


When a principal doesn’t renew your contract, or fires you, or says you’re not a good fit for the school and hands you a letter…you still have to go back to your classroom and teach.

There are still lessons to teach, lesson plans to write, end of year assessments to give, report cards to fill in. You still have to do everything on the end of year checklist that everyone else does plus find the time to pack up everything in your classroom that is yours and get it out by the end of the yearBut not too early. We wouldn’t want Continue reading