The Teachers’ Rite of Spring

teachers rite of spring


There is such optimism at the beginning of the year. No matter if it is a new calendar year or school year–either way, people convince themselves that things will be different this year. Continue reading


Fa la la la la…I broke my badass resolutions


For being such a realist/pessimist, I sometimes surprise myself with my optimism.

Take last January, for example.

Almost exactly a year ago I wrote a post, which I admitted at the time was written with “wide-eyed optimism.” You can read it here if you’re interested. In it I listed my badass resolutions for 2016.



Yeah. That happened.


On the fairly optimistic side, I did follow through on some of the resolutions, and I’m proud of that. Continue reading

47 Reasons I Can’t Find A Teaching Job


Summer is over, which means kids are back to school (and parents are rejoicing).

I’m still at home.

I’ve completed paperwork in several districts. I’ve applied for teaching positions. I’ve emailed principals and called them on the phone. I’ve reached out to friends who have suggested jobs and let me know of openings in their orbit.


I filed for unemployment the other day. I’m going to try to get a teaching job for another few weeks and then… Continue reading



If this were a work of fiction, last year’s job loss and unemployment might have still happened. But then things would have fallen into place, a new job would appear, and the teacher would make a victorious comeback. Last year’s reality would be nothing more than memory. Not preparation for the next battle.

This is not fiction.  Continue reading

Racing to Read

I confide to some teacher friends that I don’t think my new school’s leadership likes me very much. This surprises them, since I am generally known as a nice person.

It’s not that, I explain. It’s my low test scores.

Now they’re looking at me with confused faces. But you’re not in a testing grade, they argue.

It doesn’t matter. Regardless of the grade, it’s about a test score. In my case, it’s how much my kids can read.  Continue reading

Badass Resolutions

back to school

The clock has struck midnight, the ball has dropped…and it’s time to return to school.

(The parents might be ready, but most teachers are not.)

I’m still exhausted. Looking at my calendar for this month makes me more exhausted. And this is before other commitments get added in, as they always do–school meetings, union meetings, special events, appointments for family members. And God forbid I get sick…*knocks on wood*.

Somewhere in all of that is my actual job. Teaching a class of young children, molding minds, inspiring greatness… Continue reading