About Last Night…

It really happened.

Last night really happened.

I was literally shaking as the results kept coming in. As we hurtled towards a horrifying conclusion.

I’ve been very angry for almost 24 hours. In the last few hours it’s started to move towards bitter resignation. Of course the bully won. Of course we tell our children one thing and then reward the opposite behavior.

I have a lot of friends who are teachers. Here is a sampling of what they said about today: Continue reading



If this were a work of fiction, last year’s job loss and unemployment might have still happened. But then things would have fallen into place, a new job would appear, and the teacher would make a victorious comeback. Last year’s reality would be nothing more than memory. Not preparation for the next battle.

This is not fiction.  Continue reading

Voters: Let’s Talk


I was excited to turn eighteen years old so I could register to vote. Every time I’ve moved, changing my voter registration is a priority; I don’t want to miss a single election.

And for the most part, I haven’t. I’ve voted in the big ones, the presidential elections. I’ve voted for senators and representatives and governors and mayors in the off years. I’ve voted for school board members and city council members and positions that were so obscure I had to do my research before I got to my polling place. I’ve stood in line for thirty seconds to thirty minutes to two hours, just so I could do my civic duty and vote.

This year, I’m not alone. There are a lot of registered voters in the United States actually voting, which on the surface is a good thing. This is democracy in action, they tell us. This is how the process is supposed to work. And it is.


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Oh, 2015.

Sparkler, Holding, Hands, Firework, Sparkles, Fire

Or alternately:

undercoverBAT and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Year

Oh, 2015.

It was the year I met activists from around the country at the Network for Public Education’s Conference in Chicago. It was the year I was a delegate at the NEA Representative Assembly in Chicago. Those were the two bright spots in an otherwise dark year.

Because there’s no nice way to put it: this has been a devastating year, both personally and professionally.

I thought the last few years had their low points. Little did I know what was lurking around the corner when the ball dropped to ring in 2015.

It was the year I lost my job.

It was the year I suffered a loss far greater than that.


This blog is almost exactly one year old. I adopted the Twitter handle @undercoverbat in the fall of 2014 after the BAT Rally in DC on the steps of the Department of Education. Even then I pondered starting a blog and participated in Anthony Cody’s how-to session, but I wasn’t ready. Yet.

I’ve been rereading what I’ve posted this year, and wow. I sounded so naive and innocent in the beginning. (In my defense, I hadn’t returned to school from break yet. Things quickly spiraled downward.)

I’ve looked at the page statistics on WordPress, and these were the 12 most-read posts of 2015. Interestingly (to me, anyway), exactly half were published before I lost my job, and half were published during and after.

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