Sometimes your subconscious reveals things you hadn’t already put together.

About ten days ago there was a Twitter storm to stop workplace bullying. BATs participated to bring awareness to the issues teachers face when they are bullied. At first I thought I might come up with some one-liners to tweet out over the thirty minute Twitter storm.

And then I realized I had blog posts to share about this.

Turns out, Continue reading

This Is Why Tenure Matters


Being unemployed has allowed me the opportunity to reconnect with friends I haven’t heard from in months or even years. The non- or former teachers have more time to talk, so we’ve met for lunch or dinner or coffee. Those who are still teaching are a lot busier, so it’s been a lot of text messages or Facebook Messenger.

So late one night a few weeks ago I sent a quick message to a teacher friend, not expecting a reply until after school the next day. To my surprise Continue reading

If No One Sees You, Were You Ever Even There?


When a principal doesn’t renew your contract, or fires you, or says you’re not a good fit for the school and hands you a letter…you still have to go back to your classroom and teach.

There are still lessons to teach, lesson plans to write, end of year assessments to give, report cards to fill in. You still have to do everything on the end of year checklist that everyone else does plus find the time to pack up everything in your classroom that is yours and get it out by the end of the yearBut not too early. We wouldn’t want Continue reading



If this were a work of fiction, last year’s job loss and unemployment might have still happened. But then things would have fallen into place, a new job would appear, and the teacher would make a victorious comeback. Last year’s reality would be nothing more than memory. Not preparation for the next battle.

This is not fiction.  Continue reading

And Justice For All


My suitcase is unpacked; my belongings are put away. Already last weekend is fading into the recesses of my memory.

Last weekend I got to see friends from across the country. I met new people. I networked with bloggers and documentary filmmakers and teachers and parents and librarians. I, who hate having my picture taken, willingly joined in group photos in restaurants and convention center ballrooms and with Diane Ravitch.

Last weekend was the NPE conference in Raleigh. Continue reading



The conductor holds the baton in the air. The audience waits in silence until he finally lowers the baton to thunderous applause.

The author looks over her glasses as she gives a reading of her latest work. The crowd listens attentively.

The cast and crew come back out on stage after the performance to have a Q&A discussion with the audience about their performance.


We view them as the experts.

We stay for the talks and read the interviews and listen to the DVD commentaries. We read other works or watch them performed in YouTube clips and put it all together to compose an image of our favorite artist or writer or musician or thespian.

We watch them at work, and we marvel at what they do. They have worked and trained and prepared and now, now they can do this. Continue reading